Welcome to Moodle!

A few facts about Moodle:

  • Moodle is used as part of our classrooms, a place for students and teachers. 
  • Moodle serves as a single point of entry for textbooks that have an online piece.
  • Moodle can be used by teachers of jr. high and high school students as a full learning management system (LMS).  To be able to do this, teachers must go through a formal training (Contact your administrator for more information).
  • Moodle is not a school or teacher website meant for others outside the classroom. 
  • Teachers and students use their STPSB usernames and passwords to sign on.  Usernames and passwords must not be shared with others.
  • All students and faculty of STPPS may logon to Moodle using their district account logon name and password.