English I



Suggested Time Frame – 2017-2018



Unit 1:


“The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell


Students will explore the story structure using “The Most Dangerous Game” as the central piece.  The stories presented in this unit will revolve around the theme of “the human struggle.”  Students will also read and analyze poetry that supplements these stories.  Because the purpose of this unit will serve as an analysis of rhetorical devices used in writing with a focus on story elements, students will independently read a short story and create a presentation that explains which elements make that piece particularly compelling.  The culminating writing activity will require students to compose their own short stories, incorporating the elements taught during the course of the unit into their writing.


This unit will focus on key ideas and details, as well as composing informative/explanatory essays.

Unit 2: (Guidebook 2.0)


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


Students read The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and various literary and informational texts about choices and consequences. Students understand and express their understanding of how the motivations, decisions, and actions of complex characters propel the action of a story and how patterns and contrasts in language develop various motifs that reveal central ideas. Students will also apply their understanding of the teenage brain to Romeo and Juliet.


Writing tasks center on literary analysis and research.